BrickPI motor Requires Double Command?

I am testing the motor test code example-simplebot in GITHUB. one strange problem is I have to give the same input command twice to run the motor? Any idea?

Hi @palashhalder1988,

Could you give us more details on what you’re testing?

  1. What platform are you using? Is it a BrickPi+ or is it a BrickPi3?

  2. What is the script you are trying to run? Have you brought any modifications to it or are you using our example program?

All in all, we need more details about your issue in order for us to come up with a diagnostic.
The more details you give us, the better (and probably the faster) we can answer and help you.

Thank you!

I am using BrickPi 3 and the code link is :

Hi @palashhalder1988,

Let’s analyze your situation:

  1. You say you have a BrickPi3, but you’ve given us a link that leads to BrickPi+'s repository.

  2. You say you need to input the command twice in order for the motor to run.

These 2 facts make me think you have a BrickPi+ running in your hands and not a BrickPi3, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to run the motors at all.

Just to be sure, here’s a link that shows us all the 3 BrickPi products we have (had).

I’m going to assume you have a BrickPi+, because that’s most likely.

I’ve tested it locally and the while loop is working okay.

Our Python drivers for the BrickPi+ have occasional timing issues and sometimes they might fail.
But this can’t be the problem since the command is always "accepted" the 2nd time you type it in.

What I can suggest you for now is to record the moment when you press a key (the 1st and the 2nd time), enter it and then let us see how the BrickPi+ / motors react(s).

Thank you!