BrickPi PCB design


I bought BrickPi from last year in August. I want to solder some new connections on the PCB. Can I get the PCB CAD file for it? Just so that you know, I don’t know what is the version. Although I see some old schematic and board files in hardware section but I don’t know which CAD program I need to use to view them (I tried eaglePCB, didn’t work).

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If you don’t know the type, Do you have a picture of the board then? a clear picture of the BrickPi from above?

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I hope that the image is good enough.

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Sorry seams like the forum corps it. here is a rotated one.

This is our old version. Files for it should be here:

The brd files should work with Eagle PCB. If you can’t open them, can you tell me what error you’re getting?

Can you please let me know the version? Is there some marking on the board mentioning it?

The error in Eagle PCB:

Loading BrickPi 1.7.3.sch …


line 6, column 41: This is not an EAGLE file.

Thanks for the support.

I managed to open the board files in Eagle PCB. The problem was that I was saving an individual file by right clicking which added html formatting to the file. I didn’t want to clone the whole repository either. So I downloaded the file in raw. It worked.

I guess, the version number is 1.7.3. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Ali, I think the problem might be on your end. Sounds like you got it solved. I just opened the files up on Eagle Cad with no issue.

Yep, the version you want to look at is 1.7.3


Thanks John.