BrickPi, Scratch and EV3


I bought a dozen of BrickPi’s to introduce robotics and programming to high school students having no background in computer science.

I have just received about 30 EV3 kits with motors and sensors. I have flashed my BrickPi’s with the Firmware 2.0 and I can program the sensors with Python (some sensors are unstable). My question is about Scratch. Do you intend to extend the use of EV3 sensors for Scratch ?

Best regards

Hello boudincweole,

That’s great to hear about the firmware, I’m glad it upgraded ok.

We don’t have immediate plans to upgrade the Scratch; frankly because it hasn’t been asked for yet. Now that you bring it up, we’d be happy to work on it and will put it on our list of software improvements to work on in the near future.



Hello John,

Thanks for the answer. I am looking forward to use EV3 sensors with Scratch ! Scratch is a really powerful to make them program robots easily. We have already used Scratch and BrickPi (with NXT Touch sensors) to develop a kind of “guitar hero” game.

With more experienced students, we tested EV3 sensors with Python. Do you need feedback on our tests ?

Best regards.