BrickPi Scratch and Python

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Thanks. I have a simple Q. probably already asked but here goes.

BrickPi/RaspPi B2/Rasbian/Lego Mindstorms.
I set it ll up and all the LEDs worked. Tried testing the motor on a with the touch sensor in S1. Here’s the thing, the Scratch test motor scripts didnt work, but the Python scripts did.
Why is that?

What version of the operating system are you running? Raspbian for Robots?

I think so. I also updated the rasp firmware so it now says Pi3 even though
i bought Pi2. and i also updated all the Dexter software. I’ll try give you
a more detailed log later when i get home but have you came across a
problem with Scratch test scripts and latest OS?
Thanks for your time.

I should also have asked/verified: are you using the BrickPi3? Easy way to tell is if it has a power switch on the blue board. Thanks!

Yes it does, and the firmware update log says Pi3 - even though i ordered
pi2 and it came in a pi 2 box…whatever. What are the main diffs between
pi2 and 3?. I have a long 4 day weekend coming up so i’ll do some more
testing and get back.
Many thanks

BrickPi and BrickPi+ are obsolete, and BrickPi3 is the new and improved replacement (identifiable by the power switch, among many other differences).

The Raspberry Pi 2 is similar to the Raspberry Pi 3, the main difference being that the RPi3 has WiFi on board.

There seems to be a bit of confusion between the BrickPi and the Pi, as there is a BrickPi3 and a Pi3. The firmware update would identify a BrickPi3, regardless of which Pi you have (could be a Pi2 or a Pi3) It is easy to confuse the two, as Pi is a very handy short-hand for BrickPi.