BrickPi Temperature Sensor

Hello, I am using a brickpi with a raspberry pi 2 and I am trying to use a 9749 NXT Temperature Sensor with it. Is this possible? Right now when I run the python example it returns 1023 every time which I have found out is the default value returned when the brickpi cannot read from the sensor.

Hey Niklas, the python example in the BrickPi directory is for the Dexter Industries Temp Sensor, not the LEGO Mindstorms sensor. That might be the problem. I have to look around, I don’t think we have any example code for using the NXT Temp Sensor though.

But the sensor should work with the
Brickpi? Because as it stands now setting the port to raw sensor does not give back any data except the error code 1023.

Hey Niklas, as far as I know, the thermometer is an older sensor that runs a digital interface (is it I2C?). The Raw sensor reading is reading an analog sensor (which is why you can connect the dexter industries thermometer to it). I hope that helps.

We can put this software on our list of things to work on, it’s just not currently supported.