BrickPi WiFi Connection issues


Got my BrickPi Starter Kit and am working to set it up with LEGO EV3 motors and sensors.
I´ve been following instructions on “”
and believe I got successfully through to step 7 - except for the WiFi-connection which I am currently working on.

I´m using the Starter kit setup, image, SD card, dongle etc.
And I have added a fixed power supply to ensure sufficient power.
When (connecting through Ethernet cable and) running “ifconfig” I have a wlan0 with positive values, so I suppose the Wi-Fi is working. (Please see image 1)

I have installed the bonjour software, and it seems to be working, as it detects my printer.
(Please see image 2)
But it does not detect the BrickPi.

Again, I´m new at this so it might just be a small thing, but I don´t know what might be wrong.
I´m trying to connect with WiFi from a different labtop than the one I use for the Ethernet connection, but that
shouldn´t matter, I guess(?).

Can you help please?

Couple of quick questions:

  • The BrickPi and the PC you’re connecting to it from are both connected to the same wifi network?
  • Have you verified that the Pi is on the wifi network with a “ping” to check"?


Hereby just follow-up and close on this string.

Reg. the questions above:

  • BrickPi & PC was connected to same wifi network
  • pinging was not successfull so that led me to contact my internetprovider which eventually led to a resolution, where my PC is now connected through wifi to the BrickPi and the BrickPi is on the web through a LAN cable directly into the rooter.


  • I seem to only be able to give the BrickPi access to the web if starting it up with the LAN cable plugged into the rooter and then unplugging and replugging the LAN cable.
  • The Bonjour Wizard still cannot see the BrickPi/Doongle, which I thought it should just like it sees my other wireless devices like fx. my printer (ref. attachment to my original message).
    My mistake, apparently. Sorry.

This just FYI, of course, if of interest. I´m very happy it´s now running, and I can start working on the programming of my robot project.
Thank you for the support! :o)