BrickPi works with all of Hitechnic Products?

Hi, can BrickPi work with all of Hitechnic Products? Like all of the sensors and the multiplexer.

Also, can BrickPi work with LEGO sensors, e.g. the light sensor, color sensor, …and so on?

Hey Joseph, The short answer is that no, it doesn’t work with all of the HiTechnic sensors. The BrickPi works with a few, but if they’re not on our Github site, they’re not supported yet.
Which sensor in particular are you planning on using?

Hi, actually, except the temperature sensor, I have all of Hitechnic’s sensors, include the Multi-plexer. I would like to use them via BrickPi. Does Dexter have a schedule to support them?

Hey Joseph, unfortunately we don’t have a plan to support all of their sensors. Because we don’t have any of their sensors, we wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot them or fully support them.

Hi, I feel sorry to get the information. I thought BrickPi is the best solution for LEGO Mindstorms components. May I know what can BrickPi do for the sensors and motor of LEGO and Hitechnic?

I’m sorry too. The good news is that most of the sensors that run on I2C could be easily ported from the botbench library here:

I’m not sure if I understand the last question “May I know what can BrickPi do for the sensors and motor of LEGO and Hitechnic?”, can you rephrase that?

I’m not familiar for EE field. Regarding the I2C, and the library porting jobs, would you advise more how to proceed?

Yes, sorry to address few. About BrickPi, I ask to know:

  1. Current support Hardware List, ex. sensors of LEGO, Hitechnic, or even Mindsensor. Motors of LEGO should be OK?
  2. Current support Coding Functions, ex. can it support all functions and parameters of NXT-G and EV3 blocks, include sensor and motor? For sure, we are glad to know more function support than LEGO’s, will it?

We are evaluating to move NXT-G programs to new platform, like RaspberryPi + BrickPi, to get more advanced achievements. But we are common player, not power user, your patience and detail reply would be appreciated!