I have BrickPi.

My question is :

If I want to play with Lego Ev3 sensors do I have to buy BrickPi+ or there is BrickPi firmware which let me use Ev3 sensors ?

Hello Marcin, it depends on when you bought the BrickPi. We switched to a new firmware for the BrickPi last year that allowed EV3 sensors. When did you purchase it?

You can test out the BrickPi with EV3 sensors pretty easily though; just run the test program that’s under the python folder.

I bought BrickPi Advanced on October 5, 2014.

Is this hardware compatible with EV3 sensors ?

Today I’m going to upgrade firmware.

If yes can I buy only BrickPi+ new case an use this case with older BrickPi ?

What are main differences between my BrickPi and new BrickPi+ ?
What is the reason I should buy new one ?

Hey Marcin, you should be fine then. I think we had the latest firmware on the version you bought. You should definitely test it out though first.

The case can be bought by itself here:

We’ll have a blog post out soon about the main differences with the new BrickPi+. The big upgrade is a better, more stable version of the motor controller. We saw that the older version would sometimes not be able to handle the motors. There are a few other smaller improvements, including battery monitoring for the BrickPi.

I’ve updated firmware.:

“Firmware version is: 2
GREAT! Firmware is up to date!
You should be able to run EV3 sensors!”

I have qouestion.

In sample program there is line:

if button_value > 1000:
print "Button reads: "+str(button_value)

I discovered that when I connect touch sensor to port S4 and press touch button button value is 8 or 9, not more than 1000.

Is it OK ?

Can you share the screen print out?

Additional update.

If I use Port 4 I get 8 or 9 on button turn on
BrickPi.SensorType[PORT_4] = TYPE_SENSOR_EV3_TOUCH_0

Using port Port 2 I get 1023 or 1022 on button turn on
BrickPi.SensorType[PORT_2] = TYPE_SENSOR_EV3_TOUCH_0

Powering Rpi from laptop usb

Hey Marcin,

Can you try this with the battery pack? A laptop isn’t a great power supply for the Pi or the BrickPi; you could damage both.

Also, it would be helpful to see either a screenshot, or a little more description of what’s going on. Are you moving the touch sensor around to get these values?

I’ve tried with external power.

Results are the same .
If I use Port 4 I get 8 or 9 on button turn on.
Using Port 2, Port 3 or Port 1 I get 1023 or 1022 on button turn on.

I just press Touch sensor. Nothing else.