BrickPi3 and Raspberry Pi 3 model B questions

Hello all, first time post here.

I have a few questions.

  1. Does brickpi3 work with the raspberry pi 3 model b?
  2. What kind of wifi support does raspbian for robots support? Is the on-board wifi acceptable for downloading packages (for example through pip)?
  3. Are there good alternatives for long-term powering of a robot (4+ hours, maybe usb power bank(s))?

Thank you everyone!


All Pis should work. The Raspberry Pi3 model B though is the fastest and runs great on mine. It also ships with the BrickPi3 so there should be no issue.

For question number 2, anything you do on your computer should work. Downloading packages, streaming YouTube, whatever. That answer your question?

For number 3 power banks will work, but should be 5V and 2.5 Amps. Technically you can go with 2, Dexter Ind does it with there Pi power supply, but 2.5 is better. If your interested in using a power bank see this thread.
Dexter Ind also finally released a rechargeable battery pack for the BrickPi!



  1. Working smooth at my end.
  2. That don’t matter buddy, get a stable connection and that is enough.
  3. Even I was looking for this solution as of now. Did you get any way out/solution as of now?