BrickPi3: compatible to NXT sensors? (i2c, ADC)[SOLVED]

Are the BrickPi3 sensor ports compatible to NXT sensors?
E.g. all by i2c and/or ADC, especially USS, Light, Color, Touch, Hitechnic Compass, Hitechnic Sensor Mux, Hitechnic Color, different Mindsensors i2c IO muxers?

The BrickPi3 supports the NXT USS, Light, Color, and Touch sensors. In addition, you can access the ADC, GPIO, and I2C on the sensor ports, so most other sensors/interfaces should work (including but not limited to the products offered by Dexter Industries, HiTechnic, and Mindsensors). See here.

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NXT USS, Light, Color, and Touch sensors is already great. I was uncertain about the 5V signal levels of then NXT peripherals.
Good to know!

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