BrickPi3 dIMU support?

Is there any example for the use of the Dexter dIMU with the BrickPi3? Or is there an example how to program some other i2c device in C that I could adapt to the dIMU?

It’s a bit hard to try to translate stuff I don’t understand from Python to C. :slight_smile:



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Hi @michael,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a library for the dIMU sensor for the BrickPi3.
We have one for the BrickPi+, but since we’ve moved over to BrickPi3, we would have to write an updated library for it.

Since the BrickPi+ / BrickPi3 platforms communicate through I2C with the dIMU sensor, this means someone would have to write a port for it.

Here’s the source code for the dIMU for the BrickPi+ written in C language:

And here’s the library for interfacing with the BrickPi3 for the Raspberry Pi written in Python:

And here’s an program example written for the BrickPi3 for a random sensor (consider it a sample) (which is also written in Python):

What someone would have to do is to go through the C program for the dIMU and write a corresponding program for the BrickPi3 by following the module.
At the end you would get a program that’s similar in architecture with the program I’ve shared in the last link.

Hope this clears the waters a little bit for you.

Thank you!