BrickPi3 does not work

I bought two BrickPi3 base kits. The first one runs perfectly but the second one does not start at all. Whenever I attach the BrickPi to a raspberry and turn on the power it makes a strange noise. The noise sounds like a continuous beep. The raspberry does not start because it does not receive power.
I would appreciate it if you could help me.
Best regards,
Torben Eckwert

That doesn’t sound good…
So first did you remove the foam from the pins on the BrickPi? Apparently that can conduct electricity.
If that’s not double check if its on your Pi Correctly. It’s possible that your BrickPi is defective.
However perhaps your Raspberry Pi is. What happens if you boot the RPi up with the Wall usb charger without the BrickPi. Does your pi work?

Thanks for your response.
Yeah, I removed the foam and I already checked if its correctly on my Pi. If I remove the brick the Pi boots normally. In addition, I tried to connect the brick to another Pi. The result was the same.
Any further ideas?

If you disconnect the BrickPi3 from everything except the battery pack, does it make noise? It should be silent at all times.

Yes, it does. If I remove everything else the noise does not change.

@graykevinb I will contact you shortly to arrange shipment of a replacement BrickPi.

@graykevinb My bad. I looked up the wrong name. Sorry about that. Need more coffee…

No big deal Chris! :slight_smile: