BrickPi3 + ev3dev = supported

For anyone interested in a lighter-weight OS for BrickPi3 (no desktop software), check out Our latest SD card images (starting with 2017-02-11) have BrickPi3 support.

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Hey @dlech thanks for the heads up on this! This is great news! We LOVE ev3dev and we hope that more folks use it with the BrickPi3! Thanks again!

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Hey, thanks. This is great; I am trying to start programming in C for Brickpi. I have Brickpi3. I have got cross compilation on docker working fairly well (I did a writeup about docker on stackexchange). The sample code from the recommended library compiles fine and runs on EV3 but not on BrickPi3.

For example on BrickPi3

ls /sys/class/lego-port/ returns nothing

The problem, as I understand, is that autodetection of ports, sensors and motors does not work on BrickPi. What could be a solution to that?


OK with help of @dlech from ev3dev figured out that something went wrong with brickpi3 dtoverlay reflashed the image and now it runs cross compiled C stuff nicely. Since brickpi3 does not autodetect sensors and motors, I just specify port number for the relevant functions. Nice to be able to start hacking.