BrickPi3 for nodejs

Hey guys,

I recently ordered two brickPi3’s and wanted to control my motors over nodejs. Sadly I couldn’t find an official package for the new brickPi and only an incomplete one by Sumit on Github.

Thats why I converted the python library almost exactly into nodejs code, so all examples of python scripts can be easily mapped to nodejs.

The only difference are the return values. These are now promises, because nodejs is not sequencial and needs callbacks.

I could only test the motor functions with ev3 large motors. Sensors and other motors are currently untested. But you can submit an issue on github if you find something thats not working as expected.

I hope, this is useful for you and just wanted to share it for you :slight_smile:



@byWulf thanks for the contribution! We will link to it from our main page here!

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