Brickpi3 GPIO pins

I want to use some GPIO pins in the brickpi3 to communicate with RaspberryPi.

However when I run the program to read the data from GPIO.

The brickpi3 program shows

TypeError: catching classes that do not inherit from BaseException is not allowed(If I run GPIO first)
OSError: get_sensor error: No SPI response(If I run Brickpi first)

It sounds like you have a pin conflict. See the BrickPi3 schematics to determine which pins are available.

But when I used the pin on the raspberry pi not on brickpi, it also has the problem.

It still sounds like a pin conflict, probably just at the SW level. When the BrickPi3 software is installed, some of the pins get configured at boot for the BrickPi3.

which pins (pin numbers) of the GPIO header exactly do you use?
How do you attach cables to the header?
Can you post a foto?
(Please specify the pins by phsical pin numbers or by BCM pin numbers, but please say which numbering you actually use).