BrickPi3 Motor does not move


How to make the EV3 motor move?
I use BP.set_motor_power(BP.PORT_C, power), but the motor does not move.

Motors not running is usually a result of not enough power.
Run the example and post the battery voltage. It is located under BrickPi3/Software/Python/Examples/
If the batteries are full it should be 12V. The motors will be disabled when the drops under 6V. However if it appears to be low you could try a fresh pair of batteries just to make sure.

If that doesn’t work also try updating the BrickPi3 firmware​. That can be done through the Di_Update GUI. There should be an icon for that on the desktop.

@panjinb in this post you mention BrickPi3, but in another you said you have BrickPi 2 (I assume BrickPi+). Do you have both versions of BrickPi (the + and the 3)? BrickPi3 code only runs on the BrickPi3, and BrickPi+ code only runs on the BrickPi+ (BrickPi+ code is a superset of the code that runs on the original BrickPi). This code is for the BrickPi3, and won’t work with the BrickPi+:

BP.set_motor_power(BP.PORT_C, power)

Here are BrickPi3 Python examples.
Here are BrickPi+ Python examples.

But wouldn’t an error be returned if you ran BrickPi3 code on the BrickPi+ and vice versa?

@panjinb you can tell which version you have very simply. If you have a switch on the BrickPi, you have the BrickPi3.

Yes, because it doesn’t work with Brickpi+, I try Brickpi3 instead.

@panjinb if you’re using the BrickPi3, @Matt and @graykevinb have great suggestions:

  1. Check that you have a battery supply attached and that the batteries are fresh. The motors won’t run if the battery is no connected.
  2. Try running one of the BrickPi3 Python examples.