BrickPi3 on top of GoPiGo3?

So can the BrickPi3 be stacked on the GoPiGo3 physical limitations aside? I want too hook up two Ultrasonic sensors. The GoPiGo 3 only supports one. I also should be able to buy just normal sensors and use the GPIO pins If I can’t stack the two boards.

Where did you see that the GPG3 only supports one ultrasonic sensor? I just tested it with two, and it seems to be working. See here for a python example.

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I was getting confused because there are no technical details or port descriptions for the GoPiGo 3. I was getting confused and I realized that those details were for the old GoPiGo.

So the Analog/Digital ports 1 and 2 are the Grove ports then. Thanks!

As for stacking the BrickPi3 onto the GPG3 I did try it but no results. I tried changing the address of the BP3 but didn’t work. Still got an SPI error. However the GPG3 worked regardless if the BrickPi3 was on or not.

Because the they both use SPI it should be technically possible that the firmware could be modified to aupport the BrickPi3 and GoPiGo 3 to be stacked on each other. Unless of course the pins interfere. I noticed that the battery status indicator didn’t work.