Brickpi3 won't connect with motors


Just got my brickpi3 assembled, and attached to a simple robot with two motors. Batteries are new, pins seem to be connected well, boots up fine, but when I run a simple motor broadcast, the motor doesn’t respond. Scratch controller window shows 'version 8 found. You have Jessie!", and then connects to Brickpi successfully,

Opened advanced communications and made sure the pi was enabled, and the IR disabled.

I haven’t connected the pi to the internet, but don’t think I have to, as the s raspbian card in dated May of 2016, so this is fairly recent software, yes? Should I be connecting to internet to upgrade?

Really stymied.

Hi @wanda.backus-kelly,

A Raspbian For Robots dated May 2016 is pretty old.
We’ve had lots of changes in the last period of time and you should definitely update it.

In order to update your Raspbian For Robots OS, you have 2 choices:

  1. Either use DI Software Update desktop app.

  2. Or type in the following command in a terminal: sudo curl -kL | bash.

Waiting to see if that helped you @wanda.backus-kelly.
Also, are there any suggestions @Matt?

Thank you!

The BrickPi3 wasn’t even released until well after May 2016, so you definitely need to update your OS.