BrickPiRx Error : -2

Hi there. I have the following setup:

  • BrickPi (new)
  • RaspberryPi Model B rev1.1
  • 12vdc 2A power supply, connected to the BrickPi power input connector.
  • Latest Raspbian image: on an 8Gb SD card
  • Ethernet, keyboard, mouse, HDMI monitor
  • Lego Mindstorms (not EVE) motor and touch sensor
  • I have enabled Debug = 1 in

The Pi boots up ok, I can connect to the internet and view web pages.
The BrickPi seems ok: I can run BrickPy_Python/Sensor_Examples/ and (blue lights flash).

However, when I run any of the other sensor tests (eg I get BrickPiRx Error : -2 repeatedly.

This is very frustrating: are there any diagnostic tests I can run to help narrow down the cause of the error?

Thank you

Hi Roi, sorry about the frustration with the BrickPi. Three quick questions for you:

1). Have you tried to enable the serial lines:
2). Have you run any of the motor examples?
3). Have you modified the example programs at all?


Also, it is possible to run the hardware test and post the output log here?

Thanks John, enabling the the serial lines did the trick.

Running the hardware test produced the following output:

Button reads: 1021
Running Forward
BrickPiRx Error : -2
BrickPiRx Error : -5
Button reads: 1023
Running Forward
Button reads: 1023
Running Forward
Button reads: 1020
Running Forward
Button reads: 1020
Running Forward


The errors (-2 and -5) recurred a few times, but the motor runs fine.

Running the LEGO-Motor test, the Touch Sensor test and the Ultrasonic test all ran successfully.

Thanks for your help.

Phew, glad that worked. Yeah, unfortunately on the new image when i published it, I left the serial lines disabled by default. I will develop a fix for this and the new default will be with the serial lines on. Thanks for letting me know that worked!