crashing on syntax error

I just got my Brickpi and setting it up to run Scratch. I could not find the step were the BrickPiScratch script is copied from github so i copied it over manually and now it does not run. So i may have missed some steps. This is the error I get. I am new to Linux and python so I could have missed something.

File “”,line 4
<!DOCTYPE html>
SyntaxError:invalid syntax

Any help would be great. Thanks

Hey MikeS,
Sorry about the frustration here. Not to confuse matters, but it looks like you copied an HTML file over: the doctype html indicates you have an HTML file in there.

So, to backup, I think the best thing to do is start trying to use this tutorial:

We have the steps outlined in the video and in text.

Can you give this a shot? If you already did, did you have trouble with a specific step?

BTW, we just added links in the readme. I realize we hadn’t updated that lately (thank you!). and we added a link to getting started, from Github to our website. Thanks for alerting us on this one.