BrickpPi3 and NXT temperature sensor

Hi I’m working in a project to move a lego robo arm (ev3 orginal). We change ev3 controller by a rpi3B and brickpi board. The problem is that we are using a lego NXT temperature sensor. We are coding in python and we are trying with from dexter and ev3dev libs too. With ev3dev we can get a correct temperature, setting up the sensor as NXT/I2C sensor addess 0x4C and mode NXT-TEMP-C (celsius).

But we don’t get the match with dexter libraries. It’s possible to get the correct temperature configuration for this type of sensor? We tested CUSTOM (analog type)

self.BP.set_sensor_type(self.port_s_TEMP, self.BP.SENSOR_TYPE.CUSTOM, [(self.BP.SENSOR_CUSTOM.PIN1_ADC)])

But we got 4095 value in [0] position.

We tested then with PIN6_ADC and error occurred and with I2C type too :frowning:
This sensor is critic for our project because the robot must to stop when the sensor reach 35ºC or something like that.


Dexter Industries does not currently provide drivers to use the NXT temperature sensor with the BrickPi3. However, drivers could be implemented in user-code using sensor type I2C, as in this example.


Thank you so much Matt.

I tested it, but my knowledge about this kind of devices is low and I think it is impossible for us create a driver or something like that. I don’t know if is easy create a driver, but we don’t know nothing about memory address or something like that on that sensor, so we would try other options.

Thanks again