Broken Power Connector

Hey I wanted to let you know that my power connector is not working properly. When I wiggle it the battery disconnects! By wiggling I mean it moving because of gravity or something! I’m not yanking it around! I found where it broke. It’s the area where that commects the battery to the wire. The wire appears to have broken Inside.

Could you improve the power cable? I can fix it, no big deal. But for the future it would be nice. Anyone else had this issue?

Also a longer cable would be nice. I had to lengthen it. And yes it did not break where I modified it.

Sorry to hear about this, we’ll work to improve the cable. In the interim, if you’d like a replacement cable please contact us!

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OK. Sorry for the late reply. I was able to fix it so I don’t need a replacement​, but thanks though! :smiley: