BrowserBot Issues

I’m admittedly a novice in everything about this robot except that I’m an Avid Lego builder. I got the BrickPi3 about a month ago. I was able to make a simple program in Scratch to ensure all the motors/sensors and ports were working properly. I’ve been trying to make the BrowserBot project on GitHub work for me for about two weeks now. I know nothing about Python, so I see this as a good learning exercise. But I’m at a road block. I’ve made it to the last step of controlling the robot. I see there is communication (when I click the buttons on the browser html, I correctly get “running forward,” “steering left,” etc.) but I’m getting no response from the motors. They’re plugged into the correct ports and work properly when I run motor tests.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is the battery plugged in? Also is the switch on the BrickPi3 turned on? Also awesome that your learning python!:slight_smile:

If it is then don’t worry me or someone will figure it out.

Battery plugged in and BrickPi powered on.

Can you show the link of the code your trying to run? I think your running the brickpi+ example. There is no such example, yet, for the brickpi3.

The code isn’t compatible.

@graykevinb is correct, that example is for BrickPi+, and is not compatible with BrickPi3. See here for the BrickPi3 Scratch and Python examples.

Ah, that makes total sense. Silly me. Any idea when a BrowserBot example might be up for BrickPi3? I’d love to keep expanding my knowledge.

Thanks for your replies!

Well, I guess I make the example.

That would be incredibly appreciated!

@graykevinb @lucaseubank111,
Here are a few pointers if you are getting the Browser streaming robot to work with the BrickPi3.

There is only 1 file which needs to be updated, this one. You can use the pointers from this and this to move the functionality from BrickPi to the BrickPi3.

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Thanks, I guess I could port that too. I actually did the browserBot example.
Here’s the link to my pull request.

I have tested the code and it runs perfectly with my brickpi3.

You can get the new example code directly from here: