browserBot problem

I’m a student in China and my English is not good so there maybe some grammar mistakes in the following sentences.
I hope that I can describe the problem clearly.

I tried the project" BrowserControlled Robot", and I followed the instructions step by step, but when I input the IP into the Brower_Client_Code.html and click the “clickme” button, I saw this in the terminal of pi (also see attached picture):

WARNING:tornado.access:403 GET /ws ( 6.30ms

Every time I click the “clickme” button,“The connection has been closed” appears. is my computer IP address.I’m running as root user.

What should I do? I really need your help! Thanks!

Hello Horace,
Can you run
sudo ifconfig

and post the screenshot?

It looks like your Pi is .1.106 address, is that correct? And your browser is at the x.1.103 address?

My Pi is,and my bowser is at the

Hello Horace, we’ve been passing this back and forth a few times and we’re not sure what could be going on.

The only thing we could suggest at this point is, since you appear to be getting a 403, which means access is forbidden, you need to chmod the files that are being accessesed on the pi. If you can chmod to x everything in the Browser Controlled Robot file, that might be the solution.

Hi Horace,

please add

def check_origin(self, origin):
    return True

in class WSHandler like this

class WSHandler(tornado.websocket.WebSocketHandler):
	def check_origin(self, origin):
		return True