C++ for programming

Is it possible to program the BrickPi in C++? If yes, would I be able to write the code in Microsoft Visual C++, and then compile and run the code via the terminal window like you did in the tutorial video?

In theory it’s possible, but we don’t know much about it. What compiler would you use on the Raspberry Pi?

I would use Windows Command Prompt to compile the code, and I would use Microsoft Visual Studio to write the code. I don’t know the command to compile the code though. I know gcc is for C programs, but I’ve never compiled in the Command Prompt before, because I’ve always used Microsoft Visual Studio to compile my programs.

Since the Raspberry Pi runs Linux (Debian), Microsoft Visual Studio C++ is no use for programming it. I very much doubt that Visual Studio would cross compile to produce a Linux executable. MS VS only produces executables for MS Windows.

Gcc compiles C++ very well. It is highly standards compliant and has a few GNU C++ extensions that improve on the standards, and are optional to use. The compiler command is g++, and C++ source files are conventionally named foo.cc or foo.C or foo.c++ or foo.cpp. Read the g++ manual for more information.