CAD files for new BrickPi case


Are the CAD files for the new BrickPi case available any where? I was going to design a robot platform that attaches to the new BrickPi case. Instead of using lego pieces, I was going to 3D print it. The lego pieces flex a little too much for my taste. I have digital calipers, so I can always model it from scratch, but thought I’d ask just in case.




Hey Peter, they are not publicly available, no.


I just posted a blog about my progress so far with designing a chasis for robots using the new BrickPi Case


Follow up blog post on the BrickPi v2 case chassis I’m making.


I just uploaded the sketchup and STL files for the chassis and camera mount I made for the BrickPi case.

hope others find it useful. I have a SeeMeCnc Rostock Max v2, so it was tested on that using 1.75mm PLA and ABS filament. I don’t own any other 3D printers, so I don’t know how it works on other brands.



Very cool, thank you for reporting back and sharing your work, that’s awesome!!


It was pretty easy and fun. My hope is more kids and teachers get into raspberry pi robots, 3D printing and machine learning :slight_smile:

I wish this stuff was available when I was in high school.


I made some minor improvements and wrote a blog about it.


More improvements and tweaks to the robot chassis. The sketchup and STL files are all up on github.