Can Raspbian For Robots be its own hotspot?


I know that DexterOS configures itself as a self-contained hotspot.  I also know that Raspbian for Robots integrates into an existing network.

Is it possible for Raspbian for Robotsto be configured as a self-contained hotspot as well?

I am on a public WiFi network, say one in a hotel or some other venue, and I want to do something with my robot.  Assume the robot is headless, has no display, no sound, and exists as the stand-alone device, including remote features like VNC, SSH, etc.

If my robot is headless, (and I can’t fit a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and cables in with my stuff), Is there a way to pre-configure the bot so that I can use it as a stand-alone device with it’s own wifi?

Perhaps a setting?

Suggestion for later implementation:
Perhaps a button connected to two of the GPIO pins can be used to switch modes manually? It would boot as the default mode, (or the last mode selected), and the buttons could be used to switch if necessary.  Dex’s eyes could be used for feedback, or the color of Dex’s antenna LED.

What say ye?

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Dexter Industries used to have another version of Raspbian For Robots providing this functionality that they called Cinch. They had scripts to switch between Raspbian For Robots and Cinch but they stopped working when Raspbian was updated from Jessie to Stretch.

There are instructions here:
for Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a routed wireless access point.

I tried this back in December of 2018 and it worked. See details in this thread:


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I would love to see those scripts, try them, and maybe figure out how to make them work.

The scripts are still available on GitHub:

This one converts an R4R image to cinch:

The other script is for reverting a Cinch image back to R4R:

Edit: I just looked and these scripts are still on the current Stretch image of Raspbian For Robots 2019.04.05_Raspbian_For_Robots_by_Dexter_Industries_Stretch.img in the folder: /home/pi/di_update/Raspbian_For_Robots/upd_script/wifi

These scripts worked with Raspbian Jessie and were never updated for Stretch (never mind Buster). A better starting point would probably be the instructions I posted a link to above.


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