Can the community help improve Dexter Industries website?


Hello there!

Is the website on GitHub? I’d like to make some fixes (a wrong link and a bug in some example code) and would be willing to make them with a pull request.

Awaiting your reply,
Dimitrios Paraschas


Unfortunately no. :frowning:
If you would like to see what they have on github checkout there repos:

The forum party of the website is done by Saucal.


Please do tell us what needs to be fixed. We’ll get to it!



In the GoPiGo API page the disable_encoders() link points to the enable_encoders() page , instead of the correct […]/disable_encoders/ .

The error in the example code was an older Python print statement, without parentheses, which eludes me right now.

Though, a pull request is far quicker for me, and for you to accept it, so if you can arrange to put the website in a public repository, I believe the community will really help.

Dimitrios Paraschas


Thank you @paraschas
The website is not set up at all for community input. It’s unfortunate. I don’t think our current CMS would even make it possible.

I’m off to make that change. Thank you for your contribution (and yes a PR would have been faster…)


Oh sorry. The fourms are done by discourse. my bad.