Can we power gopigo3 via pi?

can we power gopigo3 via pi ??
connecting power bank 5v 2a tried but the motors test didn’t worked


Hello @chetuk
The motors require more than what the Pi can offer. You can read sensors, control the LEDs but you can’t power the motors without the battery pack.


Grand ! @cleoqc

Any amp requirement for 9v to power gopigo 3? So to run motor n sensors

Planning to buy convertor 5v to 9v 1amp
So I can connect power bank 10000mah

Using a 5v “power bank” battery with a 9v booster is not recommended or supported.

The GoPiGo3 should have 9v-12v with at least 2A available to be adequate for most circumstances.

If you’re looking for a rechargeable battery option for the GoPiGo3, consider using our rechargeable battery pack, or 8xAA rechargeable batteries. Our rechargeable battery pack has a nominal voltage of 9.6v, and is well-suited to run the GoPiGo3.

@chetuk, I second Matt’s suggestion for the DI pack and charger - It will give 1-5 hours time depending on the computation and movement loads. Tip - mount it above the wheels for much better turning command accuracy.

If you are looking for even more run time, Amazon offers some 12v 3A 6000mAH rechargeable powerbanks, (with 1A charger so six hours to recharge!)

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for my power analysis with 8 AA batteries.

Wish if rechargeable battery pack could been included in the base and starter pack together.
As i saw some post people has connected higher voltage AA battery not everyone technical.


Would this battery pack work?
TalentCell Rechargeable 12V 3000mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack

If the output is between 7.2v and 13v, and it’s rated to supply a constant 1.5A or greater, then yes, it should be suitable to power the GoPiGo3.