Can we solve the motor problem once and for all?

For weeks, I have been trying to figure out why the Scratch motor test works, but when I write my own code, the motor will not run. I have been through every possible solution that I can think of. I see that several other people have been having the same issue on this forum but have not gotten a real answer. I have had this issue on every version on the DI image that I have used. We just purchased 18 brickpi’s with cases. They are just sitting in a box right now because I can’t get them to work. Please! someone give me some real advice!

Hey John D,

First, sorry about your frustration. We just released a major software update that makes using scratch a lot easier.

If you need to stick with the older image version, Just to double check:
1). Are you running the BrickPi Scratch python script in the background?
2). Have you enabled Broadcasting in Scratch on the program you’re working on?

Is it possible to post a screenshot of the scratch program you’re trying that’s not working?
Is it possible to post the scratch program you’re trying that’s not working?