Cannot connect to BrickPi with VNC

Hi, I have the kickstarter BrickPi 9V with a brand new Raspberry pi as part of my Kickstarter package and the official BrickPi SD card. I’ve assembled the case, verified my IP configuration on my Win7 laptop, connected the Cat5 cable, and attempted to connect to the IP address with VNC viewer (including using the :1 addenum to the IP address to access port 1). The connection times out and will not connect. When I try to ping the Raspberry Pi through the Win7 command line, it times out. The FDX, LNK, and 100 LEDs power off relatively quickly once the raspberry Pi has been powered on. What’s the really obvious solution? I’ve tried wiring the raspberry Pi to a 10/100 network router, and the laptop into the same router, and the raspberry Pi powers down its network connection there too. Help!

Well, I seem to be able to connect just fine if I plug the Raspberry Pi directly into my router and then use the IP address assigned by the router. Any help with configuring my laptop to be able to direct connect?

Clarification: connection works through my internet router (gateway), but not through a network switch independent of the gateway. Also, I think that the lack of ethernet connectivity over time is due to the raspberry pi rapidly depleting the 9V. The ethernet connection remains active (though unresponsive as noted above) when plugged into a wall socket via the micro-usb port.

I found that the setup does not use port 1 as documented.
Try using port 5901.

Hey fa001, is there anything special about your setup? Do you have a proxy running or something? We’ve never seen port 5901 come up or been unable to connect through port 1. Can you tell us more so we can try to help other users?

Quick question: what are the first few digits of the IP number you assigned your RPi?

Also, pro-tip: if you’re going to be doing a lot of programming, I would recommend powering the pi with the usb. The 9V battery indeed does not last a long time.

I know this is thread is old, but I found that using :1 does not work, but :5901 indeed works. Nothing special about my setup. It’s just the Dexter Raspbian image.

I believe that when you are using TightVNC Viewer for windows you have to specify VNC-ports (i.e. port 1, not the actual network port 5901, which VNC actually runs on) using a double colon, like this: