Can't connect to internet with BrickPi


I have a WIFi adapter USB, which always used to work, but today, when I started using it, it woudn’t work. In the wpa_gui app, the status says wpa_supplicant not found does anyone know how to solve


Hey Sam, what OS version are you using?

Linux I think

Sorry, let me rephrase that: are you using a regular version of Raspbian from the Raspberrypi foundation, Dexter Industries BrickPi version 2013.07, BrickPi 2014.01, or another image type?

I had the same issue happen after a crash. Had to reflash the SD card with the BrickPi image. Worked fine after that.

DexterIndustries BrickPi version 2013.07

Hey Sam, if you’re using the older version 2013.07, you’re going to have problems with the WPA supplicant I think. The easiest way to resolve this is to go here ( and download the latest version 2014.03.03_… . This version will have the WPA supplicant working, and should allow you to set everything up via the GUI.