Can't get the BrickPi to respond to Lego Motor and sensor

I think I setup everything correctly. The last step returns “Connected to Scratch successfully”. Therefore I assume all the proceeding steps are correct.
But when I try to run the examples (drive motor or touch sensor) the program/BrickPi does not recognize the devices. Is there some sort of test to run that checks out the BrickPi without Lego devices connected?

Hey szl, we’re actually working to develop this. Something that just checks whether everything is correctly installed and the hardware is working. In the meantime . . . what version of the image are you using? Did you get it or download it from us or somewhere else?

I’m having the same problem with scratch. No problems getting python tests to work but motors and sensors don’t respond in scratch. Were you able to fix yours? If so how?

Just got it to work. Just realized that scratchpy had timed out. After I re-activated it in LX terminal scratch worked.

Sorry about the delay in responding
The latest that I have used is 2014.03.13_DI_USB-EXPERIMENTAL same results. In addition, can’t get the wifi to work with this version of BrickPI (works with Wesley). Is there a dummy type setup so that I can checkout my hardware and then I will be able to concentrate on the software development. Would like to get an idiot’s setup for headless operation of your simpleBot robot.

Hey szl,
There’s a much better option for scratch out now, just announced in the latest MagPi:

I think it’s much easier to use now. It performs a lot better technically than the previous version we had.

WIFI: can you give a little more detail about what’s not working? What have you tried and what happens?

Have not yet read the article. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. Using the WiFi config wpa_gui program I am now able to get on to the internet via my WiFi connection. Now to read the article and then on to my next problem.
Thanks again