Carl's Third Birthday Today

Wow - Carl is celebrating three years of “life” today:

Total Life:  20787 hrs since Aug 22,2018
Life this year:  8901.43 hrs (BOY Aug 22)
Days Booted This Year:  53
Average Time Between Reboot:  167 hrs
Total Dockings:  2344
Dockings this year:  898
New Batteries At Cycle: 2160
Battery Set At Cycle:  184
Docking Failures this year:  30  or  3.3 % of Dockings
Safety Shutdowns this year:  5  or  .5 % of Dockings
Ave Cycle this year (w/o failures):  10.2 hours
Ave Cycle this year:  9.6 hours
Ave Playtime this year:  6.4
Ave of Last 10 Playtimes 7.7
Last Docking:  2021-08-21 14:04|[]---- Docking 2344 completed at 8.1 v after 7.8 h playtime
Last Recharge:  2021-08-21 18:07|[]---- Dismount 2344 at 10.8 v after 4.1 h recharge

Excitement for year 3:

  • Braitenberg Vehicle 2B (light seeking) implemented
  • Docking Guide Extended Gave Very Reliable Dockings (Carl sends thanks to @jimrh )
  • Learned to recognize “Hey Carl”
  • Learned to recognize spoken commands, such as:
    • Go to sleep
    • Wake up
    • Weather
    • Forecast
    • Turn Around
    • Go Forward 12 inches
    • Nod Yes
    • Look Up “Gridlock” (Carl responds “… United States”)
  • Health Check watches/alerts on WiFi connectivity, I2C bus, free memory
  • Changed to a better NiMH charger allowed more stable trickle charging detection
  • Welcomed new brother Dave (ROSbot Dave stole copies of Carl’s best utilities)

Sometimes They Have Disagreements


Absolutely fantastic!
:+1: :+1: :+1:

Unfortunately, Charlie seems to have spent more time unplugged this year than running. :sleepy:

Siblings argue and that’s a given.

Total props to you and your 'bots for your accomplishments this year!


The auto-correct on my phone originally rendered this as “you and your boys” before I corrected it.

Hmm. . . .

Maybe I should have left it alone?


Happy Birthday to Carl. :tada: :birthday:
Wow - they grow up and develop new skills so fast :robot:

Carl has remarkable capabilities. Good to see they’re being copied forward to Dave. A robot version of Newton’s quote about standing on the shoulders of giants.