Compatablity with Rasberry Pi Model B+

Just recently, my brother stepped on my Raspberry Pi and broke the Pi. I was looking to get a new one and I saw that there is a new model of Raspberry Pi, the B+. I was wondering, because the attachment holes are different, and it uses a 40 pin system instead of a 26 pin system for connection, is it possible to use the BrickPi with the Raspberry B+.

The B+ has its advantages because it has 4 usb ports instead of 2 and that would be very nice to have because it was a big problem to have to use a usb extender because when I was testing with it, I would plug it in by hdmi, use wifi (sometimes), a keyboard, and a mouse.

Indeed, the B+ works with the BrickPi. We wrote a blog about the compatibility of the Raspberry Pi B+ with all of our products here:

Thanks! But I still have one more question, what about the Compatibility with the Acrylic Case?

Worst case scenario is that I would have to design a 3D printed case.

Yes, it fits into to the BrickPi case, but not perfectly. The only challenge is that you will need to move your wire connectors around the posts. The B+ moves the connectors a little closer to the posts; it can be worked around, just takes a little bit of pinching.