Compiling Firmware_2.0: *.hex has different size?

OK, I tried to compile the new firmware. After moving the source files around for a bit, the Arduino 1.0.6 IDE did that successfully. But my resulting *.hex is somewhat larger than the *.hex from the github repo:-( Is that to be expected?

marcow@feather4:/tmp$ ls -l /tmp/build4395442999078108470.tmp/BrickPiFW_Compressed_Communication.cpp.hex /disk1/marcow/raspberry_pi/BrickPi/Firmware_BrickPi/Firmware_2.0/BrickPiFW_Compressed_Communication.cpp.hex 
-rw-r--r-- 1 marcow uucp 53596 Sep 27 19:01 /disk1/marcow/raspberry_pi/BrickPi/Firmware_BrickPi/Firmware_2.0/BrickPiFW_Compressed_Communication.cpp.hex
-rw-r--r-- 1 marcow uucp 55176 Sep 28 20:26 /tmp/build4395442999078108470.tmp/BrickPiFW_Compressed_Communication.cpp.hex

Compile log is visible at

Is that to be expected or did I somehow use the wrong options? (Arduino Uno as board)

– Marco

Hey Marco, we compiled the firmware using Arduino IDE in Windows. It might also take up less disk space on the Pi than on Github.