Connect via wifi setup - usb drive format


i’ve received my BrickPi in the post and have a simple (hopefully) question. when following the instructions to connect via wifi (with bundled adaptor) i have made my interface file, but which format do i use for the usb thumb drive?

I tried a drive I had lying around but no joy, interfaces file still remains and the wifi dongle did not connect. This usb drive was formatted for os x.

I’m on os x 10.9, but have access to a windows 7 machine also. which format should I be using ?

The interfaces file has not extension name at all, correct? And you’re putting it in the root of the USB drive?

We’ve only tried it with Win7. However, I think a regular FAT file system works fine, whether it’s windows or mac.

i got my setup completed in the end. for anyone else with a similar query or problem, i formatted the usb drive as Fat32 in disk utility on OSx 10.9

some other things I had to work through.

my router (supplied by my provider) is set to allocate IP addresses in the - range. I changed the interfaces file to suit, which allowed connection to my local network and ssh/vnc access but in order that the raspberryPi could resolve external domains i had also to change the /etc/resolv.conf file to reflect the router settings.