Contents of kickstarter package?

Hello Dexter Industries,

I received one brickpi today, the 70$ version (it says 80$ on the USPS box). Everything was opened by customs and loose in the carbon box when I received it :frowning:
I got:

  • one brickpi
  • the case (seems to be complete with 8 screws)
  • two screws to attach the raspberry pi
    I didn’t get a power cable to connect batteries. Is this not included or did the European customs lose this ?

Do you have specifications for this cable so I can go to a local shop and obtain a compatible one ?



Me too !
I didn’t get a power cable to connect batteries. (35$ version)


Hey Jean-Luc and Paul,
We seem to have made an error on some of the first packages and forgotten to put a 9V adapter in there. That’s what I suspect happened. We’re going to send them to everyone, ASAP, via USPS.

In the meantime, the part you’re missing is pretty simple and pretty small. Here’s a link to the part:

I’m going to send out a general e-mail to all backers that we’ve already sent cables to, and let them know the mistake and what we plan to do about it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, we’re going to try to make it right asap.

Thanks folks,


John, thanks for the reply.
If you haven’t sent my second brickpi yet, then you can save some costs by putting two power cables in that one.

In the mean time I found a local electronics shop that promised to custom make a power cable by Saturday, so if that works, then I don’t need the extra one (I will let you know here).


The powercable I bought (1 euro) seems to work so I won’t need an extra one with my second brickpi.


Hey Paul,
Thanks for the updates on this! We’ve shipped you the one we already owe you, and we’ll include one with your second shipment as well. We appreciate the update though!