Contribute to Dexter GitHub repo's?


Dexter’s GitHub repositories located at

Following @kev.r’s lead, I took another look at the Dexter repo’s, and I noticed a very few open issues there.


  1. Surely there are more than three open issues!  Where do I go to find them?

  2. As I am working through my own version of the Remote Camera Robot project, I am learning more and more about how these pieces for together.

    • Is it possible for me to contribute some effort to helping here?

    • How do I go about doing this?  Is there a specific protocol I should follow to contribute effectively?  (Note that I am still learning my way around GitHub.)

(Mentioning @cleoqc, as she may be a valuable resource.)


Everyone here has been so very helpful (and patient!) with me, I figured it’s only fair that I try to give something back.

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