Creating Light Sensor Drivers for Python

I have the nxt 1.0 with the light sensor. BrickPi currently doesn’t have drivers, however I noticed some interesting things. First if you run the color sensor it actually turns the light on for the light sensor! Also I got decent readings from the raw_sensor readouts. I posted this wondering if anyone wanted to help with this, or had any advice. If not thanks for reading!

I think this older sensor is just an analog sensor; can you try the analog read code with it? When you say you got data back from “raw_sensor” readouts, did it seem to respond to light?

Thanks. Yes it does. However I haven’t looked at the firmware much yet, but I may have to modify the firmware in order for the light to turn on. I can just tell it to turn on with the colosensor driver but…

Does TYPE_SENSOR_LIGHT_ON work for you? It should turn on the NXT Light sensor LED.