Current availlable for sensors


With lego mindstorms NXT, the current availlable for all sensors is maximum ~120mA. It is very low, in particular when we used IRdist sensors.

With BrickPi, what is the maximum current availlable for all sensors ?


Hey amare, the BrickPi has a lot more power for sensors. Technically, you can draw an amp from them, but I wouldn’t expect over 500 mA. The sensor ports are fed from the 5V power supply, so they have a lot of power leftover, much more than the NXT or EV3 (the EV3 especially . . I think that’s only speced to 500 mA).

Thanks John, it’s good for using lots of IRDist :slight_smile:

Can you tell us more about your project?

I often participate to the french robotic competition with lego NXT mindstorms. Generally my robots have two NXT (link by BT), lots of motors and sensors. But powering sensors was a very difficult with the NXT, sometime we have to replace IRDIst by US, or remove sensors only because NXT haven’t enought power for all sensors …
Some exemple of my latests robots : video1 video2

Now i seach a solution to replace my old NXT for something with more sensors / power / CPU and differents sensors (and some of my NXT unit became out of order…). This year i don’t participate at the french robotic cup, but i prepare the next year. For this reason i will have other other questions about BrickPi+ before buying :wink:

That looks awesome! Please keep us posted on how the project goes!!

Ils sont adorables, ces robots!

Did we mention we have a French Speaker on board? :slight_smile: