Cut and paste between browser and noVNC instance in browser?


Ref: My “Questions about the Remote Control Robot Project”

Though this is highly relevant to that topic, I felt it was generic enough to justify a topic of its own.

I am using noVNC as natively installed on my GoPiGo to do development work in Thonny.  The browser window I am using is open in Firefox under Win-10.  (No retching from the Mac aficionados, please! :wink:)

I also have a multitude of other windows open, doing searches, looking up documentation on whatever the confusion du jour might be, and so on.

Ultimately, I end up finding a piece of code in one window - or a complex URL - that I want to copy-and-paste into Charlie’s VNC instance.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out how to do this.

My total “hack” solution is to copy the information into an ad-hoc document, place it on a shared SMB drive, and then reach for it while within the noVNC instance on Charlie.  IMHO, this is a three-cornered hack-job that is worthy of Rube Goldberg at his best.  What I want to do is directly cut-and-paste something from my host computer into Charlie’s VNC instance within my browser.

Any suggestions?