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Hey i have a gopigo 3 advanced and have done exactly like sentdex video on how to program it . and when im running the code it works perfecly exept gop…

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:+1: :+1: Two thumbs up for the GoPiGo3 Documentation! I will be utilizing them quite a bit this weekend! :smile:

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Welcome to the GoPiGo Forum! Before you begin, we have some information that might be handy! Getting Started See the Getting Started Page for links to all information on assembling the GoPiGo3. Programming DexterOS …

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A quick list of resources for troubleshooting the most common questions about the GoPiGo. 1. Common Troubleshoot Questions. Here we have a few FAQ’s about the GoPiGo. 2. Generate a Test Script. If you are having trou…

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There is a fantastic resource that's been released by the author of for programming the GoPiGo in Python. He shows you how to get started with the GoPiGo in Python, and works his way up to using th…

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