Data Stream from the BrickPi3 to PTC ThingWorx possible?


i´m a Engineering Student in Germany and currently working on a project in Thingworx where i try to build a robot who streams data he gathered through sensors (ambient temperature, location, humidity etc. ) to the ThingWorx Plattform. Since i´m not that experienced, i wonder if it is possible to do this with the BrickPi3? I know i can connect a Pi via a Java SDK which establishes a Websocket-Connection and via a lightweight “Edge Micro Server” Application ( which runs on Raspian Jessy, not sure if it runs on Raspian for Robots.

Sorry if this is an obvious question but i´m afraid of ordering something without knowing if its going to work.
Kind regards

It should.

Raspbian for Robots is exactly the same as Raspbian except Dexter Industries changed what software is on it. If for some reason It didn’t work and required raspbian you can use the Brickpi with Raspbian.