Delay for reading sensors or motor encoder


I’ve read in this subject :, that reading a sensor can take half a second with brickpi+. Is this true or i have misunderstood?

More generallyi am interesting to know the typical delay for reading a sensor and the speed for reading the motors encoders.


Hey amare, it can take that long depending on the sensor, yes. This person wanted to get a very quick response though for implementing a segway.

It is very long !! This time depends of the number of datum reads ?

It might actually read quicker, I can’t find where I wrote that down in the documentation. But yes, you do need to leave at least 10 ms between reads to make sure you get a consistent data flow back and forth if you’re using Python or C.

10ms it seems good with the I2C delay and the delay between Rpi and the board. It is better than 500ms !!