Dex.local issue on macbook air


Hello all this is sagar recently I have took a raspberry pi3 and i am trying to connect it to the macbook air using the dex(support) but at the last i can’t open the dex.local.
So please Help Me Its Urgent


Hi Sagar,
We need some more information on the setup that you are using, could please tell us

  • What kind of SD card you have used? ( Your own or did you buy it from Dexter)

  • What is the image that you are running on your SD card? (Raspbian for Robots or your own image)
    Have a look at here to know about the status of the LED’s while the Pi is running and how to insert the SD card and confirm if your setup matches these.

  • Finally what kind of network connection are you using to connect to the Pi (Ethernet or Wifi)?



Thanks for your quick reply, The information you want is as follows:

1: I am using the sandisk 16gb SdCard class 10 (I have not Bought it from Dexter Industries).
2: I have booted Kali linux 2.0 on the sdcard. as you said about led things,I have seen the video its great and the image i am using is not corrupted.
the power and act led works fine and same goes to the ethernet. The pi3 is actually working on my desktop but i want to make it work on my macbook air 2013
3: Lastly the connection i use is ethernet connection,and sometimes wifi for pi 3 which is inbuilt.

I am just send you an attachment just see it and reply.

Hi Sagar,

We have not used the Kali linux on Pi before so I recommend you to use our Raspbian for Robots image which we have built for our products. You can either download our Raspbian for Robots image and install it following the instructions given here or you can buy a SD card with our image installed from here .