Dexter Industries Sensor

Which of Dexter Industries Mindstorm compatible sensors does BrickPi support? Is there anything that needs to be done to utilze them via scratch or other brickPi dev?

We should probably make a more detailed list somewhere. Great question.

Work, drivers written:

  • dCompass
    Pressure Sensor
    Breadboard Adapter
  • Should work, drivers not written yet:

  • NXTChuck
    WIFI Block

  • Won’t Work:

    I can confirm that the NXTChuck does work. During testing of the I2C system, I was able to successfully use the NXTChuck to read values from a Wii Nunchuk.

    The BrickPi should be able to work with any NXT analog or I2C sensors. To support any new (analog or I2C) sensor should only require writing RPi drivers for it.

    In addition to the NXT sensors, it also has been tested to work with the RCX Touch and Light sensors (through an NXT to RCX converter cable). The RCX Temperature sensor should also work fine, but I don’t have one to test it with. The RCX Rotation sensor is not currently supported, as it would require very specific timing (it would need to be implemented in the BrickPi firmware).