Do any of the projects move well on carpet?


Do any of the projects (simplebot, tank, rolly robot) move around well on carpet?



Hey Ryan,

Depends on how thick the carpet is I think!

In general, I think the larger the wheel, the better it will move on carpet. I don’t know if the tank treads work any better on carpet than the others but I suspect not.

One project, the Rolly Robot, works well in particular on carpet. (

The large wheels help it move really well on the carpet I think.



I would agree with John that the wheels will help the most.

We bought the LEGO Monster Truck ( and have been able to drive pretty much anywhere with fully-charged batteries.

Unfortunately, that item is sold out in most stores so the price online has gone up since I bought it.

I haven’t tried using the treads, but there are a few technic sets out now with treads that are fairly cheap. Check out the snow mobile and loader technic sets for some cheap chain links and the bulldozer for some larger chain link treads.

Let us know how the treads work if you go that route!

Thanks Neal, that’s a great suggestion. A BrickPi-Controlled Monster Truck sounds awesome!