Does DI IMU include sensor mount?

Does the DI IMU inertial measurement unit come with one of the sensor mounts shown in five of the seven photos on the IMU purchase page?

I’ll double check but I don’t think so.
ETA: Confirmed, the sensor is not included.

Thanks; I didn’t think so, but worth a double check.

Continuing in this “IMU Mounting” stream of thought, the DI examples that use the IMU appear to be consistent with the orientation, although I have difficulty understanding the reference directions.

Q: I’m guessing the DI suggested mounting gives: y positive up, x positive right when viewed from rear, z positive toward front (right-hand-rule consistent)?

This whole subject of coordinate references haunts me. The default DI Servo interface uses 0 degrees left and 90 degrees forward, while the IMU using -atan2(-X, Z) or arc tangent of X over Z seems to put 0 degrees forward and 90 degrees to the right, if I am following the code correctly.

(If anyone is following this thread and wondering if this matches ROS, the answer is no. ROS uses X forward, Y right, Z up following “the right-hand-rule”. I’m not venturing into the ROS world until I reach a Raspberry Pi computation limit.)

The CompassBot shows front mounting, and the interface suggests “on GPG3 we ask that the IMU be at the back of the robot, facing outward.”

Q: Is there a GoPiGo3 mounting location which yields the best measurements?