Does the IMU sensor compass account for tilt?

Regarding your IMU Sensor, does the compass reading account for tilt? I.e a normal compass will give innacurate reading when tilted. Does the heading direction of this IMU sensor, account for tilt e.t.c. such as this CMPS11 module, and adjust the reading to make it accurate?

Hi @s.maam,

The magnetometer/compass of the DI IMU Sensor is a 3-axis sensor.
This means when reading the values in the script you’d get a tuple containing X, Y, Z values in micro-Teslas units.

So my answer is yes, it can measure tilt, but you’ll have to calculate the direction of the magnetic field by yourself.

By the way, if you stay tuned, we are going to release the documentation for all of our DI Sensors sensors really soon and you’ll be able to better understand how you can use them, including the DI IMU Sensor.

Thank you!